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Muzikheadz|The Secrets to Hiring the Best Music Managers A Comprehensive Guide

By :Aarohi Technology 0 comments
Muzikheadz|The Secrets to Hiring the Best Music Managers A Comprehensive  Guide

The path To Success Starts With You

In the music industry, There are thousands of music labels and managers, but only a small percentage can be trusted to do what is best for their artists. 

The problem with the industry is that there are a lot of bad apples who want to take advantage of new artists by promising them fame and fortune. In reality, they have no idea how to get their clients noticed in an oversaturated market.

These scammers will often charge huge sums of money upfront which leaves the artist without any funds left for marketing or promotion efforts. This leads many talented musicians into obscurity and despair because they were never able to reach out audience in the first place!

Here at Muzikheadz, we will give you everything you need to know about finding a manager, hiring a manager, and build a long-term business relationship with a professional who knows how to navigate this difficult industry landscape while getting your music heard by as many people as possible!

How to find a music manager Using Social Media?


Linkedin is the best place for building your network and connecting with people from different industries. To connect to someone on Linkedin, you need at least have one shared connection; there are many ways of finding a mutual contact if you don't have any by searching through LinkedIn's directory or reaching out to others in person who works near them.

With some persistence and patience, it doesn't take long before your inbox can fill up with new connections every day!

LinkedIn is a social media site for people in all industries and fields. It allows you to search your desired industry, find professionals that are willing to connect with other professionals from their field of expertise, as well as share articles on a variety of topics related to work-life balance and benefits packages.

And if you want more connections than just those who have mutual friends through LinkedIn already then it's easy! All you need is an email address or phone number which can be found by looking at someone's profile page (just click the "contact" tab).

In the ever-changing world of social media, Linkedin is a powerful place for businesses to find talent and connect with potential customers.

With its new advertising platform, now you can reach music producers who might not be available on other platforms by targeting your ad only at those in specific job roles like “Music Manager” or “Artist Manager.” You will get access to more people than ever before!


One of the most important social platforms in today's world is Instagram. From a simple photo-sharing app, it now has become a hub for everything from photography to music industry connections and business opportunities.

You can search by name or hashtag so that you may easily be connected with influential members in the field who have similar interests as yourself! If Linkedin doesn't work out, there are plenty of other ways on Instagram you can connect with these people like through DMs (private messages) which will ensure they see your message quickly without any fuss!

You need to find someone who will be committed and supportive of your music, not constantly trying to improve their image. If they seem more focused on promoting themselves than the relationship then you should consider whether this is a person worth being with.

They might never do anything for you or respect what it takes in order to get somewhere so make sure that if they are going to take up space in your life, at least let them deserve it!

Networking events

as an artist, networking is one of the most important tools you have at your disposal. The people you meet and connect with can be some of the greatest business connections in life!

They are often well-known, respected members in their respective fields so they know what it takes to promote a product or idea. Even if you don't have the money or resources to promote your music yet, these people can help you find a marketing team that's right for the budget.

You never know who may be at an event. Your favorite artist might just want to chat and connect with other like-minded artists in their area! Don't be afraid or too shy to approach someone during networking events as most of the time they are there to promote themselves and their work so you'll have a lot in common.

Live shows

Although covid has changed the way we interact and socialize with your fan base, there are still many ways that you can get to know potential music managers in person.

There is no better way to really understand someone's personality and work ethic than by meeting them face-to-face. One of the best places for this type of interaction is a venue near you!

Artist-driven venues are where true music lovers hang out. When a manager has a passion for emerging artists and taking them to the next level they're usually found at live gigs.

Nowadays You Can Search Online For Virtual Competitions and events that will get your music heard in front of the fan base. This is a great way to get some free marketing and have fun at the same time!

What makes a good manager?

In the music business, many artists seek managers but fail to ask what makes a good music manager. A great music manager or music management company will promote you and your work, not themselves.

They should want to help make your dreams come true by working with you, understanding the industry, constantly improving their skills within it, and finding new ways of doing things in order for them to stay ahead of the game.

A great artist-manager and management team will promote your music, help with all aspects of the business including marketing and promotion as well as provide an outlet to get you out on tour.

If a manager is not interested in what success would look like for you then it's time to start looking again!

A good music management company will promote your sound by leveraging their own networks which ultimately gives you and your music a major leg up.


How do you reach out to music managers?

Musicians should use the internet as their main tool for reaching out to promote their music. When looking for a manager, it is important that the artist feels comfortable with them and they are confident in their abilities.

In order to attract the attention of managers online, musicians should promote their music on a variety of different platforms such as Spotify or Soundcloud using high-quality videos (some artists promote music by creating their own YouTube videos).

Once a manager has been selected, it is important that the artist continues to promote their music on those same platforms. This will help not only promote new content but also create an audience for future releases and tracks. It's essential to remember hard work beats talent because talent doesn't work hard.

From New York To Los Angeles, there is talent all over so if you want to stand out from the competition Promote your music on the internet and you will be able to find a manager that can help promote you.


Do you need a music manager?

Although there are many benefits to having a music manager, artists should only hire one if they feel the need to. It's important for them to understand what their goals are and how hiring a manager can help achieve those goals.

Most artists who have managers work with an agency or company that takes care of all aspects of managing including booking tours, negotiating contracts, handling press releases, and more.

If You're An Artist That Is Just beginning it will be best for you to manage your career as an artist by yourself until you reach a certain level of success.

The artist should create a plan and make sure that they are staying on track with it. This includes making new music, doing shows, releasing videos, and engaging their audience online.

However, if you have reached the point where you need more help than what you are able to provide for yourself then hiring an artist manager will be a great option.


Artists should also keep in mind the artist managers are not your friends but they can help you achieve success and become the more successful artists that are why it's important to know what kind of artist manager suits their needs best.

Overall, hiring an artist manager may provide many benefits for artists who want to be more successful artists, but it is not a requirement for success or to make it in the music industry.

What does an Artist Manager do?

Invest money into your music

A Lot Of Times artists dont Know how to manage their finances and get their careers off the ground.

Hiring an artist manager can help an artist take control of their finances and create an environment for them to grow.

An Artist Manager will know how much money you're making from shows, tours, merchandise sales, etc. They also manage your expenses so that there's no risk of losing out on income due to unanticipated costs being incurred at any given time.

A good artist manager's goal is to make their artists sustainable so that they have the best chance of succeeding for years into the future.

Organization and Mediation

An artist manager is there to help organize your schedule, and also mediate any conflicts that may arise between you and other people.

This helps them manage all the business aspects of a musician's career, freeing up their time so they can focus on what really matters: making music!

Keep in mind that this doesn't just apply to artist managers, but to any artist who wants to be successful in the music industry.


A lot of things can affect an artist's career such as their attitude and how they manage money. If you're looking for a manager that will help increase your chances of success, make sure that person is experienced with artist management.

If you're an artist and are looking for a manager, make sure they have experience in that area. It's important to find someone who is competent enough to do the job well so as not to hinder your chances of success.

A good artist manager will want you to be sustainable so that there's no risk of losing opportunities due to unanticipated costs being incurred at any given time.

Makes introductions to influential people

An artist manager will introduce you to people that are influential in the music industry. They'll also help manage and develop your relationships with these influencers so that they can be a part of your success story!

this is a huge benefit to artist managers because an artist will not be able to do this themselves.

artist managers are also great at developing an artist's brands. They can help you build your fan and audience base, as well as creating a social media following that will be dedicated to seeing what comes next from you.

This is one of the most important things an artist manager does. The better they do this for their artists than the artist will have a greater chance at success.

What to look for in a manager?

Aligned vision

It's extremely important to have someone who shares your vision. If this isn't the case, it becomes a big problem because artist managers need to know how their artist wants to be seen and what they want from themselves in order for them to succeed

Good communicator

This is one of the most important skills an artist manager needs. Communication with clients is key when working with an artist.

Advanced business skills

The artist manager should be able to keep up with the artist's schedule. They need an understanding of how artists evolve, and what their changing needs will be five years from now.

It also helps if they're adept at negotiating contracts because without a good contract artist management is just another job for them

Experience managing artist

The artist manager should have a track record of success with artists that they've managed. If an artist has had some failures in the past, it's best to find someone else who can help them reach their goals

Good listener

This is one of the most important skills for any kind of manager and especially so for artist managers because artists need to be able to express themselves fully.

Good time management skills

It might seem like common sense but artist managers need great time management skills in order to be successful.

This includes doing artist's paperwork, keeping track of their schedule, and making sure they're on time for all their appointments

Current in the industry

There are so many changes happening within the music industry that it becomes difficult for artist managers who aren't up-to-date with what's going on.

It doesn't matter if artist managers have a lot of success in the past because they will eventually fail if they're no longer current.


How much is a music manager paid?

The artist manager's salary can vary greatly, and it's based on a number of factors.

How much an artist manager is paid will depend on the person themselves - what they're willing to work with you for in terms of a percentage (likely 20-30%), their experience managing artists, as well as how established they are within the industry.

An artist manager will also get paid for their time. This includes the hours they spend negotiating contracts as well as marketing and networking on behalf of an artist.

The more work that is needed, the higher the artist management salary.

Some artists do not want to pay commission but instead opt for a flat fee which can be anywhere from $500-1500 per month.

Industry Management companies

A Management company is a great place to start if you are looking for a more professional organization on board. They can help set up your resume, guide you through the interview process, and offer supportive coaching while working with clients any day of the week in their office space that has been specially designed around productivity.

music managers and music management companies are here to help you with music production, music marketing, and music promotion. They can offer guidance in using the best services for your individual needs as well as give a fresh perspective on what could work for your music career.

industry professionals are also great because they are music industry professionals and music, marketing specialists.

They have connections with key figures in the field as well as a long list of established artists that need their expertise to keep going! If you are a musician who is looking to take your music career seriously, industry management is a must.


Now You Should Have A Pretty Good Idea On How To Find, Hire And Manage A Music Manager For Yourself.

It's not an easy task to find the artist manager that is right for you but if you take into consideration what type of artist they are managing and how established they are in their industry it should be a little bit easier.

Just To Give A Quick Summary Here Are The Key Takeaways:

- Look For A Manager That Specializes In Your Type Of Artist

- Try And Get Referrals, Word Of Mouth, Or Online Reviews To Find Them.

- Hire Someone You Trust Who'll Be Looking Out For Your Best Interests So They Can Advise You On Where To Go From Here.

- Trust Your Instincts, If You're Not Comfortable With The Manager Don't Hire Them.

- Make Sure That They Have Proper Experience And References

- This Is A Long Term Relationship So It's Important To Find Someone Who'll Be Around In Years Ahead.

So What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Today!

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