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Drawmer | 1968 MK2 2-Channel FET Compressor with Tube Output Stage | Drawmer

Blend valves and FETs for quality compression. The 1968 MkII is a 1U Tube/FET ‘stereo bus’ compressorÊwhich by design delivers a transparent ‘open’ sound even during periods of heavy compression. Features: 2 Channel Tube/FET Compressor. 2 soft-knee compressors with variable threshold, attack, release and output gain. Switchable BIG and BIGGER...

$1,699.00 $1,899.00

Warm Audio | Bus-Comp - 2-Channel VCA Studio Compressor | Warm Audio

The Warm Audio BUS-COMP is an all-analog, 2 channel, stereo VCA bus compressor based on classic circuitry that has provided silky smooth tone for decades. Stereo VCA bus compressors are masterful at controlling dynamics on many sources, but they have become widely known for their magic touch on stereo mixes....


Warm Audio | WA-2A Tube Opto Compressor | Warm Audio

True to its inspiration; the WA-2A boasts an all tube, completely discrete signal path with through-hole component topology.  It also features custom, large-core Cinemag input and output transformers, four premium vacuum tubes, and the legendary Kenetek opto-cell, considered by many to be the world’s finest. No plug-in or other compressor type quite compares...



Empirical | Labs EL8X Distressor Single Channel Dynamics Processor | Empirical

The Distressor is the product that started it all for Empirical Labs. Born of founder Dave Derr's love of classic compressors like the 1176, LA-2A and Gain Brain (among others), the Distressor incorporates his favorite sonic characteristics of these, along with other unique and interesting features that have made it...

$1,669.00 $1,800.00