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Proud Partners

Proud Partners

Albin S

Abin S. alias "Atleta Sound" is a music producer from Bosnia. During his childhood, Albin lived in Germany during the Bosnian War that took place in 1992. After 8 years in Germany, He came back with his family to live in Bosnia again and to start a new life. The love for music was always there and even as a child, he recorded himself over cassette tapes pretending to be a radio host.
During his high school days, he discovered FL Studio, and at first, it looked like a game to him. Exploring the software day by day, month by month he became really good. What started as a hobby became something really special. The love for creating music became strong and the urge to get better grew. He loves to interact with people, explore things, and overall just loves the process of creating something unique and special. Albin speaks German fluently and is also a Snowboard instructor. “I make music out of pure joy to share with the world for a living.”
As a successful melody maker, he continues to make instrumentals that people love to listen to, rap to and make videos to. Music and creating is his passion and he intends to inspire the world through his unique and trending new sounds.

Jonny Beatz

From a small farm town in northern Michigan, I’ve always stood out with my love for hip hop music. For me, it was always all about the beat of the songs, never the lyrics. Growing up in the 90s my influencers started with coolio, then Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg. From there I was hooked with the west coast style of hip hop. I collected music over the years, started to DJ on the side, ranging from weddings, bars, and just plain ole house parties and bonfires. 2 years ago I met an upcoming artist, ACEDit100. After learning about him and his love for music, I bought a recording studio so he could record for free. Then the flood gates opened and I began producing beats. I’ve learned so much from other producers and videos and have now found that one thing I want to do forever. Becoming a full-time producer is my ultimate goal, and with my passion and work ethic, along with Whoisblest, my dreams are starting to become more realistic. This is what I’m supposed to be doing, God gave me this talent and put these people in my life for a reason and I’m forever grateful for that!! I’m here to bring true hip hop back, that’s my style, that’s my passion. God bless!!

Kobe Bio

KobeBeats is a music producer and guitarist of 10 years. Started musically with guitar at the age of 15, which led to starting producing when he went to college. Has had a few notable placements with K Camp, Rod Wave, YFN Lucci, Marlo, and YungeenAce.